RRA Anual General Meeting 2018

Will be held on Tuesday 10th July 2018 at Ravenswood Community Centre - prompt start at 7:30pm
(near to the Ravenswood Medical Centre & Chemist (IP3 9QJ)

Following previous successful AGM’s we encourage you to attend this AGM in order to meet the existing Committee and to bring to our attention any issues that may be bugging you, which might benefit from our intervention or that we can help with. We are a community focused Association.

Committee – election of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary
All Committee positions are up for election, including those of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary.
At least 3 of the existing Committee members have been on (and off) the Committee since the Association was formed in 2001.
We are an experienced and friendly bunch and will ensure any new Committee members will be supported during the transition.
We encourage you to consider whether you would like to join the Committee by taking on one of the aforementioned positions or by becoming a ‘general committee member’.

Guest Speaker
We are pleased to invite:
Astrid Martin (founder member) and Jo Southall from Ravenswood Wildlife Group

Also in attendance
Bill Knowles - Ipswich Borough Council Councillor
Daniel Maguire – Ipswich Borough Council Councillor
Bill Quinton – Suffolk County Council Councillor
plus a representative from Suffolk Constabulary


Social Event Ideas
We would greatly value your opinion and ideas for another community social event, in addition to, or instead of, the annual Scarecrow Event.