Scarecrow, Scarecrow…. where for art thou Scarecrow….

The Residents Association was really pleased to organise yet another successful Scarecrow Event for Ravenswood, our 4th in recent years and building upon the success of the Event we held in 2015.

This year, things were a little different.  We increased the Event from 1 day to 3 days which enabled all entrants to display their wonderful scarecrows for much longer.  We hope this gave everyone the chance to view them over 3 days instead of just 1 day.

The Scarecrow Event was held during Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September

The Winning Entries this year were:

Most Likely to Scare Scarecrow

Scary Pirate by Rhys Harvey & Monster Robot by Leighton Harvey

Runner up

Ghostbusters by Reid & Evie Barton


Most Unlikely to Scare Scarecrow

Straw-berries by Isabelle & Luke Reeder

Runners up

Girls Reading by Leah Powell

Minion by Emily & Isabella Dixon


Best Dressed Scarecrow

Scarecrow & His Lady Love by Hayley Brock

Runner up

Biker Crow by Perry Thayer


Most Entertaining Scarecrow

Jigglycrow Gardy, The Gardener & Good Power Ranger

by Cameron, Jasmine & Louie Saxton

Runner up

Rapunzel by Linda Murrell


Most Popular Entry

Elliot by Melanie Munday