RRA meeting with Suffolk CC - Minutes of meeting 23rd August 2016

Ravenswood Residents Association Meeting with Suffolk County Council

Held on Tuesday 23rd August 2016 at 3:30pm



RRA Chairperson:                      Susan Andrews

RRA Action Group Member:      Bryan Patterson

Suffolk County Council (SCC):   Sam Harvey: Highways Dept.

Councillor Bill Quinton

Councillor Bill Knowles

The meeting was arranged by Ravenswood Residents Association (RRA) Chair, Susan Andrews to discuss several issues that had been brought to the attention of the RRA during and prior to the RRA’s Annual General Meeting which took place on 20th July 2016.

Point to note – this type of meeting with SCC Highways, is virtually unheard of now as the Highways Dept., has ceased to meet with Residents Associations, Parish Councils and the like.  We are therefore very grateful to Councillors Quinton & Knowles for encouraging Sam Harvey’s participation in meeting with us.

Parking on verges along Ravenswood Avenue

A significant number of residents have complained about the parking of cars on the grass verges particularly along Ravenswood Avenue.  This has caused the aesthetics of the roadside to become compromised with deep ‘ruts’ filling with water when it rains.  The parking has also compromised residents line of sight as they come out of their drives with some narrowly avoiding a collision.

SCC plan to install signs on posts along the verges in key areas along Ravenswood Avenue.  These signs will indicate:  NO PARKING ON VERGES.  This will be ‘patrolled’ by officials from Ipswich Borough Council and fines will be imposed on offenders. This will also include traffic parked on the verges outside the school.

People parking on the verges displaying the new signs will firstly be given a warning notice however, if a 2nd offence is noted then a fine will be imposed.

This is hoped to encourage residents to park in their own driveway and more sensible parking on the road which will create natural ‘chicanes’ and this should intern, have the effect of slowing down oncoming traffic. (Speeding is also an issue – see below).

SCC will not be providing any additional parking areas near the school to facilitate pick-up/drop off times, despite the RRAs request.

Speeding along Ravenswood Avenue and Downham Boulevard

The speed survey carried out recently showed that people were driving above the speed limit of 20 miles per hour along Ravenswood Avenue and Downham Boulevard. (The average speed of 85% of vehicles in SCC’s report was around 25 to 28 miles per hour with a few exceeding this).

It is hoped that by encouraging sensible parking along these roads (see point above under Parking on verges) should have the additional effect of reducing the speed of oncoming vehicles.

In addition, we have requested 2 more 20 mile per hour signs painted on the road of Ravenswood Avenue – 1 near the school and the other as you come out of the conifer chicane heading towards the Bus Gate.

For Downham Boulevard SCC intend to install additional traffic calming measures such as road humps.  Sam Harvey will be writing to all residents of Downham Boulevard as part of the consultation process prior to anything being done.

Bus Gate

The Bus Gate is for use by buses and emergency vehicles only however, this is regularly being abused with the danger of smaller vehicles becoming impaled on the granite stones and completely blocking the road. 

Improved signage will eventually be installed to deter traffic other than buses from using the bus gate.  Sam Harvey indicated that a 24 hour a day survey (traffic count) will be undertaken as soon as the schools are back in operation. The technology used can differentiate between a car, bus, cyclist, etc., so the report should be fairly comprehensive and will allow SCC to decide whether further measures are needed to deter unauthorised vehicles.

Thrasher Roundabout yellow hash ‘keep clear’ boxes upon exit and entrance to Ravenswood

The yellow ‘keep clear’ boxes at the exit and entrance to Nacton Road and Ravenswood will be re-painted in the correct position and made more distinct to drivers along Nacton Road.  This will hopefully aid exit and egress from Ravenswood.

At present we don’t have a date for this to be done.

Pedestrian traffic lights near to The Harvester Restaurant

We’ve asked SCC to look at the timing of pedestrian traffic lights as a few residents at the AGM were concerned the waiting time was too long, causing a traffic build up especially at peak times.  Sam Harvey confirmed she will ask for the timers to be checked.