UVW update - June 2016

A good day for everyone, a victory for common sense has prevailed !

In case you have not heard - the Secretary of State (SofS) has ruled on the open issue of the UVW site at Ravenswood, and effectively the SofS has ruled against IBC's planning decision, and this vindicates the RRA's view that the UVW development should have followed the Mixed Tenure design found elsewhere on Ravenswood.

The SofS ruled that building 94 affordable/council units would have conflicted with Government policy, which aims to achieve housing developments in which affordable units are truly integrated with market housing. It would also have conflicted with the aim to create inclusive and mixed communities.

It is to be hoped that IBC will now come up with a new workable plan that follows the Government's National Planning Policy Framework guidelines for Mixed Tenure developments, although it is noted that IBC have a 6 week period when they could lodge an appeal to the High Court against the SofS's decision. Hopefully IBC will think carefully and not go down that route, which could only result in spending more rate payers money on top of the cost of the Call-In and the barrister who attended that meeting, and probably return us to the position that we are in today.

If the opportunity should arise Ravenswood Residents Association would be happy to engage in discussions with IBC representatives, in the hope that it would help to lead to a satisfactory mixed tenure solution for the UVW site.

If you would like to comment on this or any other affecting Ravenswood, please contact us either directly by email or via our Facebook page.