UVW update - April 2016

We are now well past the 18 Jan 2016 date when the the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government - Greg Clark -  was expected to deliver a response to the Call-in to the Planning Decision by Ipswich Borough Council's original plan to build 94 council houses on the plot of land between the primary school and Fenbight circle in Ravenswood. Even though IBC watered down slightly their plan to include 24 shared-ownership properties, the RRA felt that this did not meet the ethos behind the Mixed Tenure design of the Ravenswood Estate. IBC had also breached both National Guidelines, and their own guidelines by putting forward this proposal.

Whilst the RRA waits patiently for a result we understand that IBC have been chasing the Sec. of State's office but have been told that a decision is unlikely before June/July. The delay is presumed to be caused by both the EU Referendum and the Local Election campaigns. 

In the opinion of the RRA, if we could have reached an early compromise with IBC and they had adhered to the 'Mixed Tenure Mandate' as used for the rest of Ravenswod, we feel the construction of the development could have been well underway by now instead of waiting for a decision from the Secretary of State.