Airport Pictures

Picture Description
Planes that have been seen at Ipswich Airport
A De Havilland Dragon Rapide. This biplane could carry up to eight passengers.
It first came into service in 1934.
A De Havilland Dove. A familiar sight was one of these eight-seater aircraft approaching Ipswich over the houses of the Rivers and Gainsborough estates.
The Douglas Dakota, was used on the feeder service to Southend by Channel Airways

An aerial view of the Ipswich Airport terminal buildings

The day Ipswich entered the jet age.
One of the largest aircraft to use Ipswich Airport was the Channel Airways Hawker Siddeley HS 748 propjet. This aircraft came into service in 1966.
This picture was taken flying low over Nacton Road as it approached the runway. There was a bus link from Norwich for passengers. It was possible to fly (via Southend) to Paris for £12.

Hawker Siddeley HS 748 waiting for passengers on the grass runway in 1967​.
Four Auster aircraft of the East Anglian School of Flying outside the terminal building in 1972.


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