South East Area Committee

This is where we can learn about what’s going on in our area. It is a meeting of local councillors at which we can ask questions.
The local police and council officers often attend to present issues and take questions.
It can be really interesting – but it’s up to us to show interest and open up dialogue with our elected representatives.
The committee is a key part of the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement – remember it takes two to involve !

Details of the next meeting can be found on the IBC site here;-

Site Allocations

The Council has been undertaking a consultation exercise across Ipswich to allow the public to respond to proposed land use in various parts of the town. This will inform the writing of the Ipswich Local Plan which will set out the strategy for the future development of Ipswich to 2031. These are not planning applications but rather an indication of the type of application that could be considered by them in the future.

The areas relating to Ravenswood are:

  1. Land between the “Tump” and Blue Bird Lodge – to be designated for leisure or community facilities with the proposal to build a sports park comprising a cycle track.
  2. Land between the new care home and the four restaurants – to be designated for employment ( B1 – offices, R & D , light industrial appropriate for a residential area)
  3. Land between 2. above and the A14 – to be designated for employment ( B1 as above, B2 manufacturing, B8 wholesale distribution)

In response to this consultation the Residents Association the wrote

“Road access and egress to and from Ravenswood is a growing problem. We will want to be satisfied that this development has new and adequate road access and that the opportunity is taken to relieve pressure on the single access point that currently exists.

As the Residents Association we wish to be kept informed of progress of the site development proposal in general and any specific plans in particular."

Maintenance of land at site UVW

Necessary ground work has been carried out, works have included walls/earth mounds to prevent travellers accessing the area.
This is in preparation of the new build homes being built by Ipswich Borough Council which are currently subject to the Call In.

Dog Bins - update

We looking into the costs for providing 3 further ‘doggy bins’ on Ravenswood. 
Providing the Council can confirm they’ll meet the recurrent costs for emptying and maintaining the bins the initial cost of purchasing the bins would need to be funded through the South East Area Committee.  
Providing there’s sufficient support across Ravenswood we will put together a case for this funding.

IBC proposal called in by Dept of Communities & Local Government

Update published 17th February 2015

Following Ipswich Borough Council’s decision to build 70 affordable housing units plus 24 shared ownership houses on the last phase of the Ravenswood site next to the school (known as UVW) it was clear that this left residents feeling aggrieved .The reason for this centres on the fact that the Council has ignored both national and local planning policy that is designed to provide a mix of dwelling types and sizes that contribute to a mixed and sustainable community. An approach that has proved successful across the rest of Ravenswood.
For these reasons local MP Ben Gummer considered our case appropriate for referral to the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, who has decided to “Call In“ the decision of the Council. The effect of this is that there will be a local independent enquiry into the decision.
As the Residents Association we are applying to the Planning Inspectorate for 3rd Party status so that we can be involved in the process and submit evidence.
When we know more in terms of what we need to do and the timescales we will update the website.

Article in Ipswich Star;-


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