Nacton Road Improvement Works

Roadworks taking place around Nacton Road, The Havens, Ransomes Way and Felixstowe Road from July to November 2015 - See more at:  for information on the programme of works


Highways reporting tool: 

Suffolk County Council will also be monitoring various social media during these works, please use #nactonroad if you are commenting via Twitter - then SCC can respond to you.

For discussions and responses to queries from Suffolk CC via Streetlife, go to:

Site UVW Call-in update

Progressing as planned with the review date set for 9-11th Sept 2015.

Charles Church / Persimmon Homes - Site Area T

Charles Church/Persimmon Homes are supporting the Residents Association’s proposals for more diverse housing in area UVW as per the original Ravenswood Plan which promoted a mixed development of 35% social housing.

Downham Boulevard SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System)

All around Ravenswood there are green areas that act as SUDS.
Rainwater/surface water is collected here rather than going into Anglian Water’s drains. 
Every household on Ravenswood should receive an annual rebate of £25 from Anglian Water because of this unique eco-system. 
If you’re not receiving this please contact Anglian Water.  SUDS areas are maintained by the Council to support local wildlife.

Unfortunately, some people abuse these areas and they become unsightly, as is the case on the SUDS area separating Downham Boulevard from the school which is being eroded by cyclists riding down the centre.  Together with the Council we’re looking at ways to ‘design-out’ this problem and ensure that cyclists use the intended cycle paths. 


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